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Course Fee

SGD 1250


2 Days, 9am-6pm

Course Fee

SGD 650


2 Days, 9am - 6pm

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How to Start a Small Business with Your Passions & Strengths

Course Overview

Although the well-known statistic ‘9 out of 10 businesses fail’ has no concrete evidence to back it up, surely we all agree that majority of businesses fail. With a frighteningly low probability of success, would you still want to start your own small business? If your answer is an emphatic ‘Yes!’, please read on.

How profitable a business or how long it could last is dependent on too many external and internal factors, rendering the question almost unanswerable. While we are not in control of the external factors affecting a business, we are in clear control of most of the internal factors: Passions, Strengths, Knowledge, Skills, Determination, Discipline, Plans & Actions.

As founders of failed businesses and owners of successful businesses, we believe that Passions & Strengths of the founder must form the basis of a business. A business built on Passions & Strengths can withstand more adversity and grow stronger than the competitors. Consequently, the business has a higher chance to outlast and outlive the competition. We want to help you identify & start a small business with your Passions & Strengths that meet a particular market’s needs.


How to Start a Small Business with Your Passions & Strengths

Course Objectives

We help participant(s) to:

  • Uncover Passions & Create Purpose
  • Embrace Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Identify a matching industry / market
  • Decide & Plan a suitable business
  • Create applicable digital assets
  • Organize marketing strategies
  • Present & sell services & products
  • Build relevant knowledge & skills
  • Develop suitable habits & schedules

How to Start a Small Business with Your Passions & Strengths

Course Style

Our course is divided into various, progressive segments. Each segment consists of a sharing by the trainer, followed by an activity and an application of the learned materials.

How to Start a Small Business with Your Passions & Strengths

Course Information

How to Start a Small Business with Your Passions & Strengths

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Jonathan Kwok
Jonathan Kwok
14:35 21 Apr 22
The 8-week course on public speaking and presentation was pretty comprehensive and covered quite a lot of material. Iwan is a great speaker himself, and is extremely passionate about imparting his knowledge. He provides valuable feedback during practice sessions. Most people would find value in the course; that bearing in mind that improvement comes through personal practice over a long period of time, and Iwan gives actionable tips to get you started.
Lynn chan
Lynn chan
04:30 04 Apr 22
To share my amazing experience with Iwan. His session does not only target on how to improved public speaking but in all expect of life to be positive, confident and commitment. Thus, eventually in-built confidence towards good speaking skills to public and family too!
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