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Importance of Communication Skills

Importance of Communication Skills

A Message from our Founder

Over the years, I have studied the lives of individuals across societies and countries, including my own personal and professional life. I have found that the common denominator in almost all successful relationships is Communication Skills.

Whether it’s a family, friendship, company, community, or any other organization with 2 or more human beings, the ability to communicate determines the quality of the relationships.

The better the communication skills, the better the relationships and hence, the better the organization’s health is. With this in mind, our goal is simply:

To help entrepreneurs & executives succeed by speaking, presenting, and selling better.

We believe that life can be so much easier and better if we can communicate that much more effectively. The benefits of better communication will be seen and felt not only by the speaker but also the recipients.

It doesn’t take much to be a confident, convincing & competent speaker. All it takes is an insight to the human psychology, an established framework, and a progressive guidance.

Anyone can, and should, be a great communicator.

Importance of Communication Skills in Summary

➊ Communication Skills are lifelong skills
that will last a lifetime.

➋ Communication skills are 'learnable'

➌ Communication skills are beneficial for your
personal & professional life

Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills
Importance of Communication skills


~ Iwan Yang

Iwan Yang

Professional Speaker, Trainer, Founder of SpeakSellSucceed™

Iwan’s goal is to help you succeed in life by speaking, presenting, and selling better. 

As a professional speaker and trainer, Iwan has been coaching and training adults for close to 10 years. He specializes in public speaking, presentation skills, sales, and languages.

Over the years, Iwan has had the privilege to train a multitude of organizations and individuals that include executives, professionals, leaders and a few billionaires. 

Leveraging his experience as an entrepreneur, speaker, and trainer,
Iwan has developed world-class speaking & presentation courses under the SpeakSellSucceed™ program. 

Entrepreneurial Journey

Iwan graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU)  in 2008.  

He kickstarted his entrepreneurial journey in 2009 as he founded the travel agency, Lokopoko Travel. 

With his experience and proficiency in digital marketing, Iwan started a digital marketing firm with his wife in 2016 that manages the Travel Agent Consulting [TAC] brand.

Having dived into the world of adult training and coaching, Iwan has so far developed the SpeakSellSucceed™ brand as well as Learn Indonesian Hub, a language centre that teaches Bahasa Indonesia.

Accolades & Passions

With a strong passion and ability in speaking, Iwan is a public speaking champion in the Toastmasters and speaking circuit, He has won numerous championships in International Prepared speeches, Humorous speeches, and Evaluation speeches

He’s also an ACTA-trained & MOE-registered trainer. 

As an avid writer, Iwan loves writing in his free time. In 2018, Iwan was awarded the ‘Top Writer’ in Quora, a popular question-and-answer platform.

Iwan is also a language enthusiast who speaks 5 languages and dialects proficiently: English, Mandarin, Indonesian, Javanese, and Hokkien.


Our Reviews

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Shan LinShan Lin
01:45 22 May 23
Ivan is a very dedicated trainer with a good sense of humor and personal touch. The two-day training was very convincing for someone like me, as I always feel nervous when speaking in public. His presentation was so engaging that I concentrated and forgot to take any notes. 🙂 The workshop will not change me immediately, but I definitely feel more confident and have clear guidelines to practice myself.Thank you, Ivan, for encouraging and uniting people, and I am sure all of us who attended the workshop will benefit from this interesting and passionate workshop.
Jessica LeeJessica Lee
13:07 19 May 23
I attended the 2-days Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Course, which was really enjoyable! Iwan is such a great trainer, who gives us the encouragement and confidence to speak in front of the class. The insights and tips he gave us were far more than what was expected. I felt more comfortable and confident after the course, which I will always remember and would want to continue to practice. Thank you Iwan for the positivity and all the laughter we had in the class! 😊🥳 Enjoyed and I miss everyone in the class already! Would highly recommend this course!
Jack, Yupeng GaoJack, Yupeng Gao
13:59 17 Feb 23
I attended the 2 days course on public speaking and I wish I had attended this course earlier.Iwan is really a great trainer, a great coach and a great person to talk with. He illustrated the topics with a lot of useful and interesting examples during the course. He also advised us a lot on the topics from his own and other people’s experiences. He shared with us many of his stories and opinions as well.I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues, my friends and my family members.
Jeslin PangJeslin Pang
11:17 23 Dec 22
Just finished attending the 2 days public speaking and presentation course. I’m very impressed by the trainer Iwan. Have learnt a lot about presentation and mistakes I’m not aware. He’s systematic and practical in conducting the lessons. He gave good advices and insights on the positives and areas for improvements. After attending the course, I feel a lot more confident and composed. Would highly recommend anyone who needs to improve on presentation to attend this course and you won’t have regret it.
Chan Jia HuiChan Jia Hui
13:57 19 Oct 22
Iwan is an amazing speaker and storyteller. The 8 sessions was nothing but impactful, inspiring and Influential (positive). Highly recommend for you to join, the personal anecdotes that he shares weekly is a reminder for us to think about our starting point in our life. Wonderful experience!
Claire Y.Claire Y.
13:29 14 Oct 22
I attended the 2-day Presentation and Public Speaking Course. It was a intense 2 days! Iwan is a superb trainer and generous to impart his knowledge. We didn’t just learn presentation skills. We get 2 full days of motivation and inspiration as well! Walking off with better presentation skills and a better person.The value you can get from this course is definitely more than the fees you pay.I’d recommend everyone around me to take this course.
Tan LauraTan Laura
14:29 16 Sep 22
To be able to stand in front of the class to present confidently, that’s what I’ve achieved at the end of the 2 days course.Iwan is very knowledgeable & he shared many of his life experiences with examples that added additional favours & value for me. I personally enjoyed and benefited from this course.Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to improve in public speaking to take this course.
toh rong fantoh rong fan
00:53 25 Aug 22
Attended the 8 session public speaking group class conducted by Iwan.Everything that was promised to be taught, was delivered. The sessions went beyond my expectations and a large factor was due to Iwan being a really skilled trainer. He teaches not only the skills needed for public speaking, but also the important positive mindset in approaching our everyday lives.I saw myself improving week after week and it motivated me to continue growing even after the 8 sessions!All in all I would highly recommend anyone of any skill level to attend the sessions at Speak Sell Succeed.
Yoky PandowoYoky Pandowo
08:46 13 Aug 22
It’s really good public speaking course for any level. For me, i took this course because i use public speaking and presentation in daily basis.Iwan, the lecturer, is really passionate educator and storyteller. He is not just passing his knowledge to us but also demonstrate it through meaningful stories.I really recommend this course to working adults who seek to improve their public speaking ability.
Sky LiSky Li
13:30 12 Aug 22
Iwan trainer is very inspirational and motivating.. He teaches us very well .. giving us all the necessary skills and techniques..but more importantly is that he inspires us to be better and have more confidence and be more positive... highly recommended. Please attend this training of public speaking and presentation... From Andrew Liew.. i just finished the fantastic 2 days course.
Abby TehAbby Teh
11:27 12 Aug 22
I feel great as I made a right choice in registering this course and how lucky I am to have this special guy, Iwan to be our trainer.The course I attended is presentation skill and public speaking course. It is a 2 full days course.I am appreciate his guidance and evaluation after our speech. It is not easy for a person who is not good in English to speak in front of the people. But it is a valuable insight and amazing experience I had.Dont hesitate to join the course. Is 100% worth.
David QuekDavid Quek
00:17 21 Jul 22
Iwan is a charismatic trainer. The course content is very comprehensive and well structured. I truly enjoy the 8 lessons.
Mai Lam NguyenMai Lam Nguyen
14:42 03 Jul 22
Since the middle of last year, I was given the chance to take a specialized public speaking class with Iwan. Not only did I improve my public speaking skills, but I also gained confidence as a result. Besides that, the acquired skills also opened up numerous doors of opportunity for me.I want to express my gratitude to Iwan for enlightening me to the fact that strengthening public speaking skills can have a positive impact on one's personal development on many levels!
07:17 01 Jul 22
I have completed the 8-session public speaking course this week. It was a great course with structured study material. Iwan is a great teacher with passion and insights, course material is enriched by his ideas shared and the critical thinking processes shared.I benefit from the course not only for the presentation skills I obtained, but also for the ideas that generated and delivered, and the stories shared by classmates.I highly recommend this course to whoever wants to improve their public speaking skill!
07:06 01 Jul 22
Never a dull moment. Iwan is an amazing coach and his training points are clear and relatable.
Teck Beng TanTeck Beng Tan
14:36 05 Jun 22
Iwan is a passionate and lively coach. Certainly benefitted from his one-to-one training. 👍
Cleffy DelphinaCleffy Delphina
04:25 04 Jun 22
Comprehensive and manageable learning journey, trainer Iwan is a fun and engaging instructor. Safe environment to improve your public speaking skills. 100% recommended
Jonathan KwokJonathan Kwok
14:35 21 Apr 22
The 8-week course on public speaking and presentation was pretty comprehensive and covered quite a lot of material. Iwan is a great speaker himself, and is extremely passionate about imparting his knowledge. He provides valuable feedback during practice sessions. Most people would find value in the course; that bearing in mind that improvement comes through personal practice over a long period of time, and Iwan gives actionable tips to get you started.
Lynn chanLynn chan
04:30 04 Apr 22
To share my amazing experience with Iwan. His session does not only target on how to improved public speaking but in all expect of life to be positive, confident and commitment. Thus, eventually in-built confidence towards good speaking skills to public and family too!
Chua KelvinChua Kelvin
11:09 01 Apr 22
The trainer was very entertaining and really bring his training to the next level. Impressive trainer and definitely a go to if you need public speaking training. Enjoy alot of his life stories and definitely an impressive trainer in his industry.
Luyan YeLuyan Ye
09:22 19 Mar 22
Iwan is a patient, humorous and engaging trainer who willingly imparts his knowledge, sharing and stories telling. Always looking forward to his sessions. He is also someone who goes extra mile if i need help. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to improve on communication / presentation skills. 👍
sim desmondsim desmond
15:17 02 Mar 22
Last week, i joined this presentation skills and public speaking course in view to improve my public speaking and i must say it did met my expectation. It is because Iwan is such a passionate, skill and good teacher in impairing his experience and knowledge in a structure way which is easy to understand and relate with him showing and giving the examples. And also having practical session to advise us how to improve after our presentation. i would highly recommend you to attend this course if you are into improving your presentation skill and public speaking!
Andy PangestuAndy Pangestu
14:25 02 Feb 22
Iwan is one of the most passionate teacher or actually any individual I've ever met! He's a real practitioner himself who went through the journey himself from non speaker to a real public speaker, so he knows best how to guide us. Would recommend his course to anyone!
Kah Yik LaiKah Yik Lai
16:47 23 Nov 21
Iwan is a patient and enthusiastic trainer who has imparted to me many valuable tricks and tips to making better presentations. I enjoyed his training tremendously.
Jay Y.PJay Y.P
03:42 14 Oct 21
I took a lot ot courage to sign up for the course. Speaking on stage is like phobia to me. But Iwan is very encouraging and positive. He has a lot of experience and wisdom to share. I truly enjoyed every single class. I have attempted to do what I never think I could ever do on stage. Definitely value for money as I think they could charge more given the value that's given. Thank you and all the best to Speak Sell Succeed!
Kristin KusnadiKristin Kusnadi
07:07 12 Oct 21
Learned so much in just 2 days. So relatable to me and really practical skilla that I can use. Thank you Iwan for all the advice and training. Recommended!
Leroy HuangLeroy Huang
05:02 06 Sep 21
Relevant topics covered during the course... body language, voice, presentation slides, handling Q&A, etc. Practise sessions nerve wrecking at first but after that it was fun! always looking forward to the class sharing with my classmates. Thank you everyone!
Mary BBMary BB
12:27 31 Aug 21
I felt really pushed out of my comfort zone and confront my fear. I am really glad i decided to take this course. I really improve my speaking and presenting in front of people. I will keep challenging myself to present more in my company!
Jerry LiuJerry Liu
04:24 19 Aug 21
Very useful course. Really helped me with my recent major presentation to an MNC client. and we manage to close the deal! Thank you to my classmates asnd trainer, Iwan. I will keep practising and getting better!
Mel RosalesMel Rosales
02:56 12 Jul 21
I learned so much from this course. Not only speaking and presenting but also how to improve myself in learning any skill. The trainer is very encouraging, helpful, experienced, accomplished. Course materials are very detailed and useful. I recommend this school 100%!
Ray PohRay Poh
03:03 08 Jul 21
Went for the 8-session public speaking & presentation class. I found it was very value for money given how much I learned. I like the structured and detailed content. They are very relevant and useful with many practical examples. Im very pleased with my own progress that I can clearly see from my videos. Im recommending you guys to my company. All the best!
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